This is a 1998 Buick Lesabre Limited.

$1,000 $500

3800 series V-6

Good car but brakes went out. It blew a brake line up by the front drivers side fender. We were driving when it blew so getting it home we used a full bottle of brake fluid. The light and buzzer would go out for awhile, but return after a few times of using the brakes. At speeds of 5-10 you can stop, but it is too dangerous to try driving it. It would need to be towed.

The motor is a 3.8 L V-6 3800 series . It has been upgraded. The 3800 series are known for have intake gasket failure. When that happens you start dumping oil into your cooling system.

I upgraded the lower intake gaskets and bought a new intake with the smaller EGR port. In the pics you can see a new metal port installed. That EGR tub is what causes failures. All 3800 series are affected by it. The factory ones are bigger and "melt" the intake from the heat and then oil gets into the cooling system. I caught mine just as it happened, and at idle speed so no damage happened.

With the new intake and EGR tube design, it will never have that issue again.

The motor runs strong and that tranny is great. The A/C compressor head is bad. It will squeal away until you turn on the A/C, then it quiets down. It would need a new compressor head on the A/C. (the part the belt goes around)

The sub frame connectors are bad. We removed the 4 rear ones but have not replaced them. They are $50 from the parts store and can be installed using a car jack easily. Because the mounts are bad, the price has been reduced to reflect that.  

Selling it as-is.

Credit cards can be accepted for payment.

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