This is a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 4 door Sedan with sun roof


The car specs show 245hp 289lb-ft torque MPG: 17city/23highway Engine: 4.0L 6-cyl "straight 6".

The car was hit on the passenger wheel while parked in the winter and needed an alignment. The hit caused the headlight mount to break a tab (inside) so the passenger side headlights are loose. The body did not get touched somehow. It was parked after that.

During the time it was parked, a control unit (I forgot what it is called) failed so the car cannot be started. The control unit interrupts the circuit so nothing happens when you turn the key. I was in the process of removing the control unit (in the pics you can see the dash panels removed).

The storage area flooded so the car has water damage. It is unclear how deep the water got in the storage facility. Some people said a few inches of water, others said it was deeper. We left the doors slightly ajar but there is still a slight smell of dirt. There is a lot of dust/dirt inside the car now.

The wheels do not want to roll now. Most likely from sitting and getting wet from a flood. When pulling the car to re-position it, it appeared the tires are not rolling. The car just slid. Loose millings (like gravel) did not provide enough friction like pavement to see if they would start rolling again.

The car ran fine until it was hit on the tire causing an alignment issue. It would shake the steering at highway speeds. It was parked and has not ran since then.

The white confetti looking stuff on the rear seats is from plastic bags that had clothes in them. The sun deteriorated the plastic and it crumbled all over when removing the sacks.

The Jag has a clear title. We have misplaced it so it requires a duplicate title to be issued. We are holding off getting a replacement title as some people have asked about the car as a parts car and they would not need a title. The treasurer said it takes 2 weeks for a replacement title to be sent.  If a buyer wants the title, we can apply for the replacement at no additional cost and show the paperwork the treasurer gives showing it would be in process.

There is a full size spare tire in the truck that has never been used.

Selling it as-is.

Credit cards can be accepted for payment.

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