M103A3 Military Trailer


The M-103 Chassis, Trailer, 1.5 Ton, 2-Wheel is a base for the M105 cargo trailer and for specialized
equipment carriers such as power units, generators, field kitchens, bath units, etc. The M103 was introduced
in the 1950s as a base for trailers matched to the M-series trucks with 9:00x20 tires.

The M103A3 (introduced in 1977) was equipped with dual line air over hydraulic brakes, an improvement over
the single line of earlier variants. A mechanical parking brake is provided along with an automatic emergency brake.

Specs are:
Empty weight: 1,410 lb (weight of trailer)
Carry weight off-road: 4,090 lb (max carry load)
Carry weight on highway: 5,590 lb (max carry load)

See pic below for more spec info.

These trailers use standard 900x20 military rims/tires.

This trailer had generators on it that I removed. This trailer is also called a "genset" trailer as it held two
10,000 watt generators.

I have the other 3 green bows (total of 5 bows) but no tarp/cover.

The landing wheel is bent. It could be straightened out by someone. The wheel rolls but it cannot be swung up
into towing mode as the bend causes the wheel to hit the "A" frame before locking up. It has 1 large nut that holds
the wheel shaft so I just took off the wheel leg when using the trailer.

I have not used the brakes. I assume they need repair. The parking hand brakes (1 for each side located in the
"A" frame area) do work.

The pintle ring has been rotated to its lowest position. It can be rotated by loosening the nut to change the

The rear stabilization leg is straight and works fine.

The rims are different colors because I switched out a flat tire and I didn't have a tan rim so 1 side is tan
and the other is green.

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