This is a small home built trailer.


It was built in the 1960's used to haul a 1932 sprint car. Later it was used to haul cannons. We stopped using it in 2005.

The tongue area where the "A" frame steps up got bent when a friend borrowed it. It is still towable but would need fixed. It has a slight bent to the side so the tongue is a few inches from center line.

It is not a flatbed, it has wood boards creating a flat surface. It has 2 main rails (large C channel) that the sprint cars tires sat in. It has cross members connecting the space between the rails. There is no suspension. The trailer sits low to the ground. About 4" of clearance to the ground.

The tires are junk. You could haul this trailer on a car trailer, or swap out the rims/tires with a Ford bolt pattern rim. (Hubs are Ford hubs)

I believe the tongue is sized for a 2" ball. I don't have a way to measure it as I don't have any ball mounts to check it with.

I uploaded 2 pics showing how it looked hauling our cannon (during an old Hiawatha Hog Wild Days parade). You can see the trailer is an open frame design.

There is some random items sitting on the trailer right now that need removed. In the pics, the red colored wooden floor was added to make it like a flat bed.

Selling it as-is.

Credit cards can be accepted for payment.

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