1979 Ford E-350 box truck, with Tommy lift gate


This is a 1979 E-350 Econoline box truck. My parents ordered it from Ford Town in Cedar Rapids in 1979. I am the 2nd owner of it.

The vin number is: e37hh3g7634

E37 Series Code - E350 cutaway van
H Engine Code - '77-'79  8cyl    351cid     2-bbl     5.8 Litre
H Assembly Plant Code - Lorain
EG7634 Numerical Sequence of Assembly - from DC0,001 to FK9,000 = 1979

Vin tag decoded
158 wheel base - 158"
M color code - '73-'79     Whimbleton White
E37Z Model Code - '79     E350 2WD Chassis and cab 9750 GVW
A4 Body Code - ???

G Transmission Code - '73-'79 3spd Automatic Type:Ford
27 Axle Code - '73-'75     4.10 ratio  capacity 7.4M     manufacturer Dana (Spicer) model 70
9750 Gross Vehicle Weight - 9,750lbs
1979 86 District Code D.S.O (Domestic Special Order) - 1979 Recreation

The motor is a 351 Windsor. See pic showing motor and you can see the valve cover shape and 6 bolt pattern making it a Windsor, not a Cleveland.

The drive train is all original.

It has been used for storage for 99% of its life.

If someone wants the title, I can get a duplicate from the Linn County Treasurer office. It takes 2 weeks for a replacement to be mailed to me. (Their policy to mail titles to the address on file) I put the plates in storage back in 2007 so there are no penalties at all on it. The title is clear and in my name. I have just misplaced it so I would have to get a duplicate if a buyer wants one. I am selling the truck as a whole as a parts vehicle and can write a bill of sale. I have no problem getting a replacement title if a buyer wants it.

It has the 351W cid motor and is a 3 speed automatic transmission. I'm told it has the Dana 70 axle. Vin shows it to be a 4.10 gearing. I do not know if this is correct as I do not know how to identify a Ford axle. It has the smaller duel wheels and a 1,000 lb cap Tommy lift gate on it. The lift gate was put on before we bought it new from the dealership.

The box is junk. Water damage has ruined the box. I think the box is 14 feet long. I would have to measure it to be sure. The rear springs are bad. Sitting it's whole life with weight in the box has caused the springs to be ruined. The truck was bought new by my parents in 1979. (I am the 2nd owner on the title, my parents are the 1st owner)

The tires are bad. Some wheels are off the rim due to moving the truck. All tires are dry rotted. It would have to be towed as the tires are bad and the box side wall is leaning from wood rot on the driver's side wall.

The inside has dirt/mildew/mold from sitting outside for years. This truck would be best used for drive train parts. (small block V-8, auto trans, heavy rear-end, lift gate)

The drive train has never been replaced. The odometer is correct at 16,188 miles. The truck has been used for storage for 99% of its life span.

There is junk stored in the back that I will be removing.

It was last started 6 years ago. I tried starting it and the relay on the fender clicks so I can't get power to the starter. My battery connections are jimmy rigged to make a side post battery work for top post terminal cables so I might not be getting enough voltage to get the starter to run.

I have been told 351W motors on a stand needing rebuilt go for between $400-700. I'm selling the entire truck for $500.

I am working on getting the motor to start. (electrical issues from starter relay).

Selling it as-is.

I have already called the scrap yards and it will bring what I am asking at scrap prices. I am selling it for the same amount so someone can use the drive train. If it doesn't sell, I will take it to scrap.

This truck is located in Fairfax, Iowa at a storage facility.

It can be hauled on a rollback wrecker. The height is 112" (9' 4") at the tallest point. If you let the air out of the remaining front tire, the height goes down to 105" (8' 9").

The length of the truck is 22' 4" (268") long. The wheelbase is 13' 2" (158") long. It should weigh 7,750 lbs.

I am able to take Paypal payments. That would allow credit card payments if a buyer chooses to. Otherwise I accept cash (I will give a receipt). No checks.

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Here is what has been going on with starting the motor. First, the fender relay would click and not get power to the starter. I got that figured out and then the starter would not run. I then got that working and then the starter would just "thunk" when trying to start the motor.

People said motors can freeze up if not run in awhile. I used marvel mystery oil and put some in each cylinder though the spark plug holes. I let it sit for about a week and went back to try starting it. It still made the "thunk" when trying to start.

I then removed the fan, fan shroud, and belts to the power steering/ac/water pump. Each unit turned fine. I tried to turn the lower crank pulley but could not get a grip on it. I then removed the pulleys (there are 2 on the crank) I put the outer pulley back on as it has a design that allows me to put a wrench through the pulley to turn it.

The crank turned a little bit and stopped. I could turn back and forth a little bit using a 1/2" wrench cross wise through the pulley. I then hooked the battery back up and tried turning the motor using the starter. It turned over right away. The video shows the motor cranking using the starter. I did not have fuel while doing this as I did not want it to start. I just want it to crank.

I did break off a spark plug when putting the fluid in. I put the bad plug in the rear so it is easy to get to that cylinder.

I am selling the entire truck as a whole unit. I get a lot of questions asking if I will sell just the motor. If the truck doesn't sell, then I will pull parts off of it and sell them separately. It has the 351 Windsor motor, and automatic transmission, a Dana 70 rear with 4.10 gears (per vin decoder) and a Tommy lift gate.

The truck will fit on a flatbed wrecker. The height was measured to make sure it could be towed to scrap.

If the buyer wants the title, I will have to get a duplicate through the Linn county Treasurers office as I have misplaced the title. Per THEIR rules it takes 2 weeks to get a title as it has to be mailed. Some people have asked why I can't get it in person. If you have a title in hand that is damaged or signed in the wrong spot, they can get you a replacement while you wait. If you do not have the title in hand, they have to research it to make sure it was not stolen and then they mail you a the title from Des Moines. The process takes up to 2 weeks.

As I am selling the truck as a parts truck, I can give a receipt or I can go through the process of getting another title.

Very large pics below