1979 Ford E-350 box truck with Tommy lift gate


This is a 1979 E-350 cargo truck. My parents ordered it from Ford Town in Cedar Rapids in 1979. I am the 2nd owner of it.

It has been used for storage for most of its life. I am selling it for parts due to the drivetrain being in good shape. I put the plates in storage back in 2007 so there are no penalties at all on it. The title is clear with no back fees for registration (due to it being in storage with the DMV)

It has the 351 cid motor and is an automatic transmission. I am not sure of the rear end type. (I'm not too familiar with fords to identify it by looks) It has the smaller duel wheels and a Tommy lift gate on it.

The box is junk. Water damage has ruined the box. Someone could tear off the box and make a flatbed, or rebuild the box and keep it as a cargo truck. I think the box is 12 feet long. I would have to measure it to be sure. The Tommy lift gate was added by Ford Town before we picked up the truck. It was bought brand new from them by my parents in 1979. (I am the 2nd owner on the title, my parents are the 1st owner)

The tires are bad and the rear suspension leaf springs are worn out from sitting decades. A rear wheel is off the rim due to moving the truck. All tires are dry rotted. It would have to be towed as the tires are bad and the box side wall is leaning from wood rot on the driver's side wall.

The inside has dirt/mildew/mold from sitting outside for years. This truck would be best used for drivetrain parts. (small block V-8, auto trans, heavy rear-end)

The drivetrain has never been replaced. The only thing I had to replace back in 2004 was a fuel pump and a carb kit. The odometer is correct at 16,188 miles. The truck has been used for storage for 95% of its life span.

There is junk stored in the back that I will be removing.

It should start up with a battery and new gas.

Selling it as-is.

We can accept cash, credit cards, or PayPal payments. (No fees are added for payments)

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